The next-gen framework to write event-driven cloud applications

Booster is a next-generation open-source software development framework that helps you focus on your business logic exclusively.

Write your application code in an event-driven fashion and let Booster figure out and deploy the optimal cloud architecture to run it for you. This is not just Serverless, it’s Serverless-less!

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Booster Principles

Booster takes a holistic and highly-opinionated approach at many levels:

Real time

Client applications must be able to react to events happening in the backend and notice data changes.


A modern project shouldn't need to change their software architecture or rewrite their code in a different language just because they succeed and get a lot of users.

Decoupled by nature

Why settle with just one superpower when you can have them all working together? Evolving your app and adding integrations is pretty easy with Booster.

High data resiliency

The way Booster stores the events makes it possible to recover any previous state of the system. It’s like turning back time whenever you want to.


Why go Serverless to avoid managing infrastructure when you can implicitly infer your Serverless architecture from your code and not even deal with that?

Why use Booster

Booster will fit like a glove in applications that are naturally event driven like:

Communication systems

Commerce applications

(retail, e-commerce, omnichannel applications, warehouse management, etc.)

Business management applications

6 Reasons more to choose Booster and not any other framework to build your app

Booster is a general-purpose framework that has several advantages over other solutions:

1. Deploy from minute 1, no headaches included.

2. Booster comes with a time machine.

3. Everything good about Microservices, but none of their cons!

4. All advantages of Serverless with no needed previous expertise.

5. Less code, more efficiency.

6. Do you want to build an enterprise-grade app? Easy peasy.

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