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Booster takes a holistic and highly-opinionated approach at many levels

Unleash development productivity writing less code and taking advantage of the Booster well-defined architecture and conventions.

Booster principles

CQRS inspired architecture

Everything is event-sourced

Infrastructure inferred from code

Implicit GraphQL API generation

Why choosing Booster to create your next app?

Domain-Driven Design, write code that matches your organization.

Focus on your business logic, leave everything else to the framework.

Serverless-less, not worrying about servers is fine, not worrying about cloud configuration, is even better!

Effectively multi-cloud, deploy your app in minutes, to any supported public cloud provider, or even to a Kubernetes cluster, with no code changes.

GraphQL API, inferred from code, no need to define schemas or resolvers.

Why use Booster

Booster will fit like a glove in applications that are naturally event-driven like:

Real-time collaboration

Commerce applications

Business management applications